Teensy Audio Adapter Board

This Audio+SD adapter board to make 16-bit CD quality audio a snap.

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Product Info

  • Audio board for Teensy
  • Add 16-bit CD quality audio to your projects
  • Stream sounds form an SD card
  • Audio Library and graphical interface available
  • Arduino compatible

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Hackaday Review

If you're interested in electronics and micro-controllers you've surely heard about the Arduino. You can't browse DIY electronics without encountering a project that uses one. However, a surprising few have heard about the Teensy, which is odd considering just how cost-effective, powerful, and easy to use these little boards are.

The Teensy range is designed and developed by consummate hacker Paul Stoffregen who has done a phenomenal job building the boards and ecosystem that surrounds them. 

For those of us just dipping our toes into the world of micro-controllers, Paul has released the extremely handy Teensyduino plugin which brings all this power to the Arduino IDE. You can develop using all the same code you used for the Arduino, while taking advantage of the massively increased performance as well as some unique features that make writing good code a whole lot easier.

Of course, no hacker can rest on their laurels for long, so Paul has been working feverishly on an Audio Adapter Board for the Teensy platform. This fantastic little board makes generating audio on a micro-controller a breeze. Coupled with the Teensy Audio Library you can add 16-bit CD quality audio to any project in minutes. This isn't the beeps and grinds associated with low-horsepower boards. We knew what to expect and were still astonished by the quality heard during our own testing.

The audio board can stream sound files from a micro SD card, as well as perform audio synthesis, effects, analysis, mixing, recording and it can do most of this without blocking the code running on your micro-controller. There's even a graphical interface which lets you design your audio system and then export Arduino code to get it all setup for you. This really is great stuff and is going to make a whole host of audio based projects a lot easier to make.

Pickup an Audio Adapter board, you'll not regret it. On pretty much every metric there is just no comparison to other Arduino platforms.


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