The low profile PCB vise. Comes with one set of standard nylon jaws. High-temp PTFE jaws available as an add-on.

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Product Info

  • Hold Your PCB Flat: Give your arms a rest! Stickvise is not up in the air, it holds your circuit board flat so you can solder with stability at table level.
  • Simple Design: No half baked features or gimmicks, Stickvise just holds a circuit board in a simple intuitive way.
  • Hackable: Have a special application? 3D print custom jaw plates or choose from many more tested mods to make Stickvise work for your application.
  • NOTE: This began as a project. We saw it, liked it, and helped it get to production.

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Hackaday Review

Have you ever spent an afternoon chasing a piece of perfboard around the table with your soldering iron only to resort to Blu-Tack to keep it in place? I've actually started using masking tape to attach my PCBs to my desk on occasion, which is hardly ideal.

There are many PCB holding solutions out there, with the Panavise being probably the most well known. However, for me, all these solutions have one major problem: they lift the workpiece up off your work surface, forcing you to solder 'in the air'. You can sort of steady your hand on the vise itself, but it’s not easy and it can be pretty tiring after a couple hours of soldering.

The Stickvise solves all this by holding the PCB flat on your table, allowing you to rest your hands on your workbench and steady yourself with minimal effort. The vise is really simple but well thought out. Set the width slightly smaller than the size of your workpiece, compress the spring, slide your PCB into place, and release the springs. Easy, fast, and repeatable.

While the design is simple, it doesn't limit you and is totally hackable. The nylon jaws that come with the vise hold a PCB 5mm or so from the shaft, giving you clearance for most layouts. If you need something a little taller, there are 3D printable designs on the site for taller jaws, and jaws with slots to keep cables out of the way. There are even OpenSCAD scripts for creating parametric jaws to fit your needs. Other upgrades such as long shafts, taller standoffs and rubber feet are detailed on the site as well.

This really is the hacker’s PCB holding tool. I love the simplicity, the ease of use, and the fact that I'm no longer chasing a PCB around my desk!


How it Works






Physical Specs

This is the size of the default Stickvise. Keep in mind that a longer, wider or taller version can easily be created. Here are some ideas to hack your device.

Holding Capacity

Max opening: 6.14" (155mm).
Room above shaft: 0.29" (7.4mm).
Room above table: 0.63" (15.9mm).

Vise Mounting Specifications

Stickvise can be mounted using M3 machine screws.

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