SparkFun Simon Says - Through-Hole Soldering Kit

Learn about through-hole soldering while building a fun toy.

Simon Says: "Buy This Now!"

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Product Info

  • Great, easy to follow assembly instructions.
  • No soldering experience required.
  • Minimum tools required: soldering iron and wire cutters.
  • Batteries are included!

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Hackaday Review

All components are through-hole, making this kit a great place to start when you’re learning to solder. When building this kit, you’ll have a chance to solder a 28-pin microprocessor, LEDs, battery clips and more.

After you have successfully assembled the kit, you will have a greater knowledge of through-hole soldering and the tools, techniques, and terminology required to populate your own PCB prototype. You will have a development platform with 5 outputs (LEDs and buzzer), 5 inputs (buttons), and serial for debugging. And, of course, you’ll have your very own Simon game!

Assembly time varies, but for a true beginner with no soldering experience, the kit can take 20-40 minutes to assemble. A soldering iron and wire cutters are the bare minimum tools required. Need a soldering iron? We got a cordless/portable one here.



  • 1x ATmega328 - pre-programmed with Simon firmware.
  • 1x Buzzer.
  • 2x 0.1μF Cap.
  • 1x 10K Resistor.
  • 4x LEDs (blue, yellow, red, green).
  • 2x Slide Switch.
  • 4x Battery Clips.
  • 2x AA Batteries.
  • 1x Button pad.
  • 1x Bezel.
  • 4x Standoffs and screws.
  • 1x Assembly instructions.

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