Othermill Electronics Bundle

High precision, portable desktop PCB / CNC milling machine

Small, but powerful! PCBs in hours!

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  • 1/32" flat end mill (2)
  • 1/64" flat end mill (2)
  • Single-sided FR1 (25)
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Hackaday Review

The Othermill is a benchtop PCB milling machine which promises to disrupt the process of PCB prototyping, reducing the time between iterations from days and even weeks, to hours.  And whether you want to prototype a full circuit, or simply mill out some breakout boards or adapters to fit your breadboard, the Othermill Electronics Bundle is the kit you want for use with your milling machine.

This set includes the most useful carbide end mills and a 25 pack of single-sided FR-1 for milling your own circuit boards. (You want to avoid FR4 because of the dust created when milling PCBs...FR1 is your friend!)

Contents Include

  • 1/32" flat end mill (2)
  • 1/64" flat end mill (2)
  • Single-sided FR-1 (25)

*othermill sold separately


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