Hackaday Omnibus 2014

Full-color and in the flesh. Own the first ever print edition of Hackaday!

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  • 17 articles.
  • Art worthy of a graphic novel.
  • The best content to please the most discerning hackers/designers/engineers.

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Hackaday Review

The 2015 Hackaday Omnibus is now available!

In 2014, we were proud to announce Hackaday's first ever print edition. The 2014 Hackaday Omnibus is eighty full-color pages containing long-form original content from 2014.

The 2014 Omnibus articles covered some of the high points in current events from the year like communicating with long-absent space probes and looking at the issue of Net Neutrality. The collection told the story of hardware hacking old and new with recollections of developing PCs in the United States and behind the Iron Curtain in the 1980's, roadmaps for repairing vintage watches and acquiring vintage bench hardware, and even covers a process used for manufacturing vacuum tubes at home.

A huge boon to Hacakaday's content was the addition of original art to accompany our articles. This is thanks in large part to [Joe Kim] whose illustrations paint the covers of the Omnibus and bring life to the narratives inside. We know you'll agree that the Omnibus had to be made. These stories, these topics, and this art must be permanent. The combination of the content, art, and layout makes this something you want lying around, be it on the coffee table, the workbench, at the hackerspace, or to liven up the offerings found in your Dentist's waiting area.



From the 2014 Hackaday Omnibus:

Hackaday has been around for a little more than ten years now, but so far all of our efforts have been confined to ephemeral bits and bytes somewhere on the platter of a hard drive sitting in a data center. These bits will rot, heads will crash, and power supplies will die. Hackaday, with all its contributions from hardware hackers, tinkerers, and even the ‘makers’ we so malign, will eventually cease to exist.

Everything we’ve written – tearing down a battery pack from a Tesla, building vacuum tubes at home, making a radar, even a log of a space probe being reawakened after a decades-long journey around the sun – has until now been stored on drives, unreadable without all the modern devices, interfaces, and tools we use to survive in a digital age. Print, however, will continue to exist for centuries. It is the ultimate storage medium, something that will last through power outages and crashes, undeterred against the force of misplaced backups and forgotten login credentials. It is in print that we dedicate our finest works, to be stored in libraries and collections.

This volume serves as a permanent record of what we have done, and what we feel deserves to be committed to print. It is too good to leave only to magnetic patterns on an aluminum disk, charge states in a chip, or patterns of light emanating from a glowing rectangle.

This is our first venture into the printed word, it will not be our last.

Brian Benchoff
Contributing Editor


  • Pages: 80.
  • Premium paper: Semi-gloss cover, Matte pages.
  • Binding: Perfect Binding.
  • Dimensions: 8.5" by 11".
  • Articles: Gregory Charvat, Bil Herd, Brian Benchoff, Adam Fabio, Martin Maly, Charles Alexanian, Aleksandar Bradic, Benjamin Delarre, Rick Osgood, and Elliot Williams.
  • Art: Joe Kim and Ivan Lazarevic.
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