Hackaday Classic Tee

Black: Small to XXX-Large.

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Product Info

  • Dirt cheap t-shirt.
  • Brand: Gildan SoftStyle.
  • 100% Cotton.

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Hackaday Review

I had just finished up the PBX upgrade when the CTO sent out a memo.
'We need to move the datacentre to New York by next weekend'
We silently groaned and started working. There were purchases to be made, deliveries to handle, and eventually someone would have to fly out with the tapes.
'No, we're not purchasing new equipment. We're moving the datacentre.'
Ten days. Ten days of crawling under the floor, pulling cables, unbolting, unracking, stuffing U-Hauls to the brim, driving 800 miles, and reversing the whole process. One truck hit a deer on I-80. None of us had showered in a week.
When we arrived, there was power. Not much else. We had 63 hours until everything needed to be up. We started stripping RG-58. One guy was wearing this shirt. He was faster.


More Info

  • Sizing Chart via Gildan Website.
  • Garment made in Nicaragua.
  • Printed in the USA.

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