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Hackaday has been writing about fresh hacks every day since our inception back in 2004. We've become the gold standard in entertainment for engineers and engineering enthusiasts, millions of whom visit and converse on the site each month. Now we're getting serious about the hardware, tools, and swag that we love. Everything you find here was chosen because it brings us joy, helps with our hacking adventures, and will be appreciated by all who want to explore projects where "why" is always the wrong question.

As always, if you pull off something awesome with the equipment found here, make sure you document it (we recommend Hackaday.io for this) and don't forget to tell us about it!

About The Hackaday Store

The Hackaday Store offers up hardware and tools that we love, with the goal of featuring items that share our principles of Open Hardware and Open Source Software. It is also a source of oft-sought-after Hackaday Swag.

We love reading about small-run hardware. Sure, we have the skills to build a well-documented project ourselves, but sometimes your list of projects is just too long. We strive to provide a place for some of these items to get to those lusting after them. You can help by finding cool stuff and submitting it the store via our contact form. We can't stock everything, but reaching out to us is definitely worth a shot!

The Hackaday Store Manifesto

We've had enough people asking for shirts over the years that it makes sense to have some place to find things adorned with the Jolly Wrencher. But since we have the purchasing and shipping framework already in place why not offer other options as well? We're not trying to be just another "component" shop. We want to showcase Open Design hardware that is worth owning. That tenet got us thinking about how Hackaday fits into it all.

One way is to find projects that maybe aren't going to sell 1000 units. Why not offer products that may never sell more than 5? From a sales standpoint it seems silly to take the time to vet, photograph, and showcase something that can only be purchased by a handful of people, but look at the bigger picture. There are a lot of hackers out there designing cool things but they don't want to fall into the trap of a successful Kickstarter. They simply don't want to quit their job and go "work for their Kickstarter". Or worse yet, keep their job and spend every waking moment trying to deliver on promises to their backers. If the idea is awesome, and the design is open, Hackaday is a great place to celebrate small run hardware.

It is also important to have hacking tools. Everyone needs to start from somewhere. No matter your background you don't just jump into hardware and become a wizard without help. The tools on the store give an idea of what you might find in a hardware hacker's toolkit. If you want to become more deeply immersed in the Hackaday culture it helps to have this toolset to look through and some projects or kits that are meant to take you beyond "now solder the resistor onto the PCB".

In both of these cases (short run hardware and hacking tools), picking the right products is difficult. We don't want to be the only gatekeepers of the store. We will work with the Hackaday Community as a whole in identifying Open Design hardware and tools that the world should know about.

Finally, the articles on Hackaday will not be shilling for the Hackaday store. We cherish our Editorial Independence. We publish articles that the writers and editors agree are of interest to the Hackaday community. We do not post paid content and we do not trade free hardware for positive write ups. You can expect this to continue as we will not allow coverage to be influenced by what hardware is for sale in our store, or anyone else's. This isn't just a service to the readers, it's the freedom for writers to discuss any topic that they find worth talking about. That has value, and it's the core of what has made Hackaday a source of unending entertainment for us for almost 10 years now.

Now go buy yourself some Hackaday socks.

(just kidding... we don't sell socks)

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