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  • 31 of the best articles written for Hackaday in 2015
  • The most interesting piece of technical literature you can own
  • A badge of honor in homes, business, labs, garages, and workshops
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Hackaday Review

From the front cover to the back, the Hackaday Omnibus vol #02 is a greatly expanded adventure through a year’s worth of incredible articles aimed at Hackers, Designer, Artists, and Engineers. 128 full-color pages play host to 31 of the best articles written for Hackaday. The original artwork that illustrate these stories make this among the most interesting pieces of technical literature you can own.

Article topics include material that gets you thinking about looking at the world in a different way, like visualizing radio waves through light-painting experiments, using circuit-boards to build enclosures for your custom circuitry, and conceiving of one assembler tool to rule them all. Recounting the most interesting of engineering history, we get an in depth look at the mysterious Antikythera Mechanism, the story of repairing grid-level power cables, the hardware behind a bomb design used to train FBI agents, and a hardware developer who’s life was saved by equipment he designed. Current events take their place as the Arduino versus Arduino saga is laid out, the ethics of the Volkswagen emissions scandal are discussed, and an industry expert speaks on the possibility of government imposed regulation on owning and operating drones.

This content matters. It’s a road map of the hardware hacking culture that you have been living. It’s been given a medium of permanence. Now it’s up to you to give it a home.



We have made the cover art for the Hackaday Omnibus vol #02 available for download. There are three sizes:



  • Pages: 128
  • Contributing Writers:  Kristina Panos, Elliot Williams, Sarah Petkus, Joshua Vasquez, Brian Benchoff, Adam Fabio, Chris Nefcy, Voja Antonic, Dan Maloney, Anool Mahidharia, Will Sweatman, Martin Maly, Eric Evenchick, Gregory L. Charvat, Akiba, Cameron Coward, Nava Whiteford, Mike Szczys, Chris Anderson, Al Williams, Aleksandar Bradic
  • Art: Joe Kim, Ivan Lazarevic, and Bob Zivkovic

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