The store is live!

Sep 08, 2014

We've had a store a few times over the last decade but it never seemed to stick around for very long. Now we're getting serious about it. Welcome to the new Hackaday Store!

Here you'll find the things we love. First off, a variety of ways that let you get your hands on some Hackaday gear. Our classic t-shirts for and prominently feature the Skull and Cross-Wrenches that we lovingly call the Jolly Wrencher. We also have a couple of premium shirts that feature a bit nicer garment and more subtle inclusion of the Wrencher in a great piece of original artwork.

Another area we're excited about is tools. These are must-haves if you're cracking open a device to make it do your bidding, or developing from scratch. The Bus Pirate was originally premiered on Hackaday and we haven't stopped finding uses for it on a regular basis. The USB Tester gives you an easy way to measure what is happening on the power and data rails of your USB devices. And the FPGA shield is an interesting way to get into building hardware with code.

Rounding out the rest of our collections are Toys and Kits, because everyone likes to play. Of course we like versatile toys and if you're clever enough you'll continue finding new projects for yourself using this hardware.

There are other things to be found so make sure you take a good look around.

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